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    Help with a 02 Geneisis carb, boggy, wont plane

    We had an issue a few weeks back with the reverse linkage arm breaking causing the gate to hang behind the jet pump.Up in till that happened it was running fine. The part came in and we installed it then took it out on the lake today.

    The ski was very boggy, the MFI was very dim and the ski just had no "oomph" and would barely plane .

    Ideas, thoughts?

    I thought maybe tomorrow I would throw in set of plugs, but after that I have no ideas.

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    Is the mfi say reverse, there is a limiter on the reverse, try unplugging the wire by the reverse linkage under the hood, may not be adjusted right.

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    The MFI is not showing reverse, the rear gate is for sure not in reverse. But I don't know if the sensor is telling the machine that it is in reversr. It sure feels that way even after swapping fresh plugs.


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    Sounds like the limter in the reverse motor maybe got damaged. Try unpluging the reverse gate motor and see if it runs normally.

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    I'm at a loss. Went out last night all ready to to pull the Grey/Red wire off of the reverse in the electrical box or try jumpering pass the MFD. Only to find that last night it ran fine without issue.

    I have noticed sporadic operation in the MFD along with condensation in the MFD and am wondering if it could be something in there sending signals to something. But this is a carb machine. Is there really a computer on board?

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    Yes the MFD can cause issues from what I hear but I am not certian if that only relates to fuel injected models. If it starts acting up again unplug the MFD and see if it runs fine. It should run without it plugged in.

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