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    Do you fasten your helmet in the race?

    Recently I won the 3rd stage of the Russian jet-ski Championship in ENDURO. But I was disqualified because one of the judges noticed, when I was on the shore refueling my watercraft that the strap on my helmet is not fastened.

    Taking into account that:
    1. In the Russian rules it is not said that the helmet must be fastened;
    2. The judge noticed that the strap on my helmet is not fastened only on the shore and
    3. In the rules there is no such penalty as a disqualification for unfastened strap on a helmet

    I am currently argues against the decision of judges.

    In this respect, could you please be so kind and share your experience on the above issue and answer the following questions:
    1. Do you fasten your helmet in the ENDURO race?
    2. Is this a requirement under your local racing rules?
    3. Is this a requirement under IJSBA or UIM rules?
    4. Did you see anyone disqualified in jet-ski races because of the unfastened strap on the helmet?

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    A helmet cant work right if it's not fastened. It takes all if 2 seconds to do, just do it next time.

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    Sound like they there out to get you. You must have piss off one of the judges. Remember the ice skating in the Olympics. Sound like the same thing happen to you. Next time blow them a kiss when you cross the finish line. It might work.

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