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    3rd oil line came off gp1200r is the crank still good HELP

    I'm looking at buying a 2002 gP1200rand the 3rd oil line came off and it now has very little comp. In the cylinder my question is would the crank need to be replaced to or just the piston or piston and jug he's wanting 1500 for it with a 2007 single triton trailer is this a good price and how hard will of be to fix

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    Won't know anything about crank until you take head off and check piston. Know even more when cylinder comes off. Probably need at least a piston, maybe a cylinder, worst case crank, too. Depends on when he shut it down after he lost speed/rpms.
    Have an '01 GP1200R bought with same problem, paid $600 (no trailer). Got lucky in that OEM piston did not come apart so only had to replace piston & scored cylinder, crank was ok. Ridden maybe 10 hours now with no problems.
    I wouldn't pay more than 1K w/trailer. Best case, you may get it running for $350 out-of-pocket if you do the work yourself. Worst case, a $2000-3000 from a dealership.
    You'll have a ski worth $2500-3000 when it's all said and done.
    Good Luck.

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