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    99 Ultra 150 Oil Injection Or Premix

    Ok so i picked up a 1999 Ultra 150 last week. The motor was locked up so i pulled it out and stripped it down. Crank is no good the rod bearing on the middle cylinder let go. (Im Looking for a good crankshaft if anybody has one). I think the motor blew due to a lack of lubrication. So i thinking the oil pump is at fault. On all my other skis i just run premix but this one people say you cant.

    If i run premix what do i have to do about the to lines going into the crankcase? I read also i will have to change the oil in the front and rear case once a year. Any other input on premix on an Ultra 150?

    If i decide to try the oil pump again is there a write up on installing it correctly? As far as getting the arm clocked right and making sure it is working properly. I tried reinsrtaling an oil pump on one of my seadoos about a year ago and didn't get it right blew the motor up quick. The oil pump has brand new lines on it and everything i just want ot make sure it is workling properly and even then i don't know if i trust it.

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    u-150 oil pumps very rarely if ever fail, Iwould stick with the injection. Running pre-mix you have to connect a piece of tubing to the front and rear crank case and fill it up with oil. Make sure you bleed the pump after re-installing it.

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    I'm with Chris, you never see a Mikuni pump fail, but the lines get old and split, or fall off.

    If you go to pre-mix, you have to block off the oil lines to the balance shaft bearings and manually fill them every 25 hours or so (which I think means pulling the engine). There are some check valves that have to be plugged, too. The cylinders have specific oil lines, so you need to get a manual to make sure you have the right lines to the right carbs. The oil from the balance shaft bearings is pumped into the crankcase on the front & back cylinders, so they don't get as much oil from the carbs.

    There is info in the service manual about hooking up the lines, calibrating the pump, pre-filling the bearings, etc. Get a copy (do a search here and you can find a free download).

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    Ok so i got a crankshaft and its time to put this motor together. I have decided to go premix just because i cant talk myself in to trusting an oil pump on any ski anymore its not worth the gamble of the amount of money i have in this rebuild.

    How many check vales need ot be blocked off? Where are they located and how are you guys blocking them off?

    Other than that all i need to do is fill the front and rear with oil when assembling then its the same as converting an other ski over right?

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    The pro racers are about the only ones that block them off because you'll have to pull the engine out about every 20 hours to change the oil in the balance shaft bearings.

    I doubt that your failure was lack of lubrication. That usually takes out a cylinder before it takes out a roller bearing. Most likely caused by water in the crankcase that wasn't removed or a manufacturing defect.

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