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    Question What's the most hours you got outta your ski/engine???

    So I know the ballpark average for a 2 stroker....but curious on how many hours you got out of your engine before total failure.

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    on a stock ski 850hrs on a waveventure 1100 but 400-500hrs is more realistic. really depends on how meticulous you are i mean 97gpsleeper brandon has a 70mph ported/modded 1200 with 300hrs? still running strong

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    450-500 on a 95 seadoo xp 720 and was still running great when I sold it.

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    Curious....what do you mean by take care of it??? Change the plugs flush the engine well...stay out of the throttle constantly. What else is there?

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    over 700+ hours on a 720 seadoo motor... still have the ski in the garage if anyone wants to plug the buds into the mpem to verify this.....

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    Search the 2-stroke performance forum, this question came up a month or so ago.
    WFO had a 400 hour GP1200R that still had OEM pistons & rings and I don't think the carbs had ever been gone through either.
    225 hours on my 98 XL1200, just rebuilt the carbs, runs perfectly.

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    Huh I searched and didn't find a thread...will look again

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