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    What will this do for me?

    I have a 2005 RXP215, i'd like to order a fizzle 4 inch intake, solas 14/19 prop and a r&d intake grate. Will my boat make enough power to turn that prop? also right now stock i'm seeing 8000-8100 rpm. What kind of rpm should I expect with those parts installed? and should I break 70mph?

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    Well, i have a 04 rxp with a riva 3in and a 14/19R not intake grate and my boat will only turn 7850 7900 RPM. But seeing that i live in the PCNW im sure one of these mornings i'll hit 8K hahaha. As for 70, if it turns it you should be right there maybe a little slower maybe a little faster. Here is what i use

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