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Thread: 2000 slh mfd

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    2000 slh mfd

    My MFD always reads 01CR while its not running when I start it up it all lights up then reads 01CR again I took it out the casing was busted and seemed to have some small rocks in there so im worried water has got in there is there any way to fix these or anyone help me find one?? THANKS!!

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    Anyone tell me what the 01CR reading means?

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    Guessing its shot anyone have any input?

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    I've never seen the 01CR warning.
    With small rocks in the MFD, I'd guees it's beyond repair.
    E-bay seems to be the onlt source for MFD's.

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    I'm guessing that is some sort of diagnostic fault code,no idea what it means.
    It looks like the entire right side does not work. You can try repairing it, I think oyu will need another mfd.
    Does it have 12 pins on the back or 8 ?

    I'll buy your old one for parts, I have a couple that do not work.

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    Both sides light up completely at initial power up Im going to keep playing with it but what would you offer for it? Do you have any working ones?

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