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    Exclamation 1200xlt bogs down/shuts down at 4000 rpms

    i have a 2001 waverunner 1200xlt. I rebuilt the carbs, installed an oil block off kit, replaced the #3 cylinder and piston/rings/wristpin/bearing etc. Used all new head gaskets, intake gaskets, exhaust gaskets and also replaced the reeds. It starts fine. Idles great out of the water, revs up and back down just fine. I put it in the water and it idles fine. It's when I give it throttle and reach 4000 rpms it bogs down or shuts down. what may be the problem? I did a compression test 108 psi/#1 cylinder, 112 psi/#2 cylinder, and 110 psi/#3 cylinder. I installed new spark plugs, the correct ones, I checked for spark and I'm getting spark for each cylinder. I've also checked the cat con and it's still good. also Installed a brand new battery. please help! thanks!

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    When you say rebuilt carbs what all did you do to them. adjust any screws low and high what was popoff. is the power valves cycling when starting and stopplng engine. is the warning light and buzzer going off. did you premix any oil for engine rebuild.

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    I just this past week had what sounds like same problem. The returns were clogged shut in cyle 2&3 carbs. They are tiny and easy to get caked up with stuff. Do your plugs look overly wet??

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    lethal, when you say the returns, you mean the actual hose/gas line?

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    Yes but its inside the carbs where those hoses connect. They need to b removed inorder to clean them. They can be hard to get opened but they need to be so let them soak. The best thing i found to disolve it was pb blaster.

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    when I rebuilt them, I pretty much just changed the diaphragms, gaskets, and all o-rings...I didn't have any problems with the carbs to begin with, I just did it because I already had them out when I pulled the engine to rebuild the #3 cylinder due to oil line coming off the carb. I didn't mess with the adjustment screws and as far as the pop off pressure goes, I was told by numerous people to re use the old springs if they weren"t broken or compressed and since I didn't have any problems with the carbs to begin with. The carbs were actually fairly clean but had little deposits built up on the diaphragms, that's about it. I did premix the gas (40:1)because I did the oil pump block off. And I made sure that the cylinder walls and pistons were coated well when I put the engine back together. There are no warning lights/buzzers or anything. Once it gets up to 4000 rpms, it will bog down and if I keep on the throttle it will die, but if I let off the throttle it will come back to idle. but this only happens when in the water...Lethal, the plugs are actually dry...all help is greatly appreciated!

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    Id still say either the returns are clogged or the filters are. Did u change all the fuel filters?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Did you clean or replace the inlet filters inside the carbs?
    Did you replace the main fuel filter?
    Did you remove the tamper caps and do any carb adjustments?
    Are you power valves operating correctly?
    Were the check valves installed correctly in the carbs and not creased?

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