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    1995 Seadoo weird bearing noise. Youtube

    Hey there,
    I am in the middle of a top end rebuild of my 657. When you slowly turn the crank by hand, there is a weird bearing noise. It sounds like the balls in one of the front bearings are knocking against one another. It's almost like the bearing cage has gone and the balls are free to knock against each other. Here is the youtube video. Please let me know what you think.


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    yep replace the crank...your bearings are toast. did it smoke a lot before the rebuild?

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    It didn't smoke that bad just normal when it was cold and none when hot. I noticed that it wouldn't pull out of a hard corner that well so I did a compression check. One cylinder was 60psi and hammered pretty bad by something.


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    replace crank

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    Bearings are TOAST. Replace the crank and bearings...

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