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    '96 780 SLT - well used but loved

    My SLT developed an issue with the MFD on the fuel guage - half the bars do not light up. When it is full full, runs great, when you get down to where the bars are dim - limp mode. Suck out fuel, get level below the bars on dim - runs great. Is it the MFD or sender? I'm thinking sender. Heard MFD's were expensive if you could find one. I'm looking for input - thought maybe blocking sender so it would not go up all the way but would still function when getting low of fuel - thoughts please! Got visitors coming and need to get back in busness.

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    I'm new to the site - shure was looking for some ideas or a source for parts. Any help?

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    have you checked out the mfd repair procedure ?

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    Greatly appreciate the link - have you see the christian79 original? I'm have trouble pulling it up.

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    Thought/Question - if the middle half of the bars do not display, is it the processor or lcd that are bad and the outlined procedure would not be productive?

    What does the sendor look like, does it have an arm with a float?

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    Dim or missing digits are a common problem with these older MFD's. The problem is in the MFD itself and can usually be repaired. I have repaired a number of these MFD's. (my background is electronics). If you are comfortable cutting open the MFD the repair is doable. Are you on Lake Livingston in Livingston TX?
    I am also on the lake. If you need help let me know with a PM.

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    set the PM - good to know there is some experiece close by.

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    PM received. I look forward to talking to you.

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    THX - up in dallas, hopefully getting back sometime tomorrow

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