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    setting my baseline, want to make sure everything looks good first.

    ski is a 2010 rxp-x. 100% stock, just had the 10 hour service done. went out for 2 hours today and burnt out a whole tank of gas. i took my garmin GPS out of my truck to check the speed. i am not sure how accurate a car GPS is compared to the forerunner or others, but i would think it would be pretty darn close.

    rider 255lbs, air and water temp was 95 deg (good ole hot florida).

    full tank of gas 65.3 mph @ 8040rpm
    half tank 66.4 mph @ 8040 rpm
    low fuel light just kicked on 67.6 mph @ 8040 rpm

    this was sitting on the seat, just tucked down like on a sportbike. speedo on the ski showed 70 mph every time.

    i have sucked up some clam shells at idle before, so there are some small nicks in the wear ring, all shark teeth are in-tact. i have always read these do 68+ mph stock. but i have also read water temp makes a big difference too. i also assume being fat on the water hurts performance just like on land. just wanted to double check and make sure every thing looked good before i start modding.

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    the summer heat kill performance will pick up 3 mph gps limiter pending when the water temps and air temps arnt in the 90's with 95% humididty..

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    so basically it looks pretty on par considering it being hot as hell? sweet, i think some 4" air will go on this weekend.

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    Looks good...heats a killer on performance

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