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    your opinions: 180 psi or 200 psi?

    How much of a difference will running these heads be on a 96 xp? I have the 180 on now, but also have a 200 sitting here. Will it be worth it to swap them out for racing this weekend? What are YOUR thoughts? Thanks.

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    180 psi,I had problems using 200 psi head on the past,180 is safe and good to go!
    What fuel are you running?

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    I would run the 200 for better holeshot if your pump/prop can handle it without cavitation. We ran 210psi domes consistently with 109 octane @ 7500rpms no problem.

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    carefull with base gaskets. 787 we built with over 180 we kept blowing base gaskets, also starter doesn't like it very much either.

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    i'm just going to run the current 180 setup. I ran out of time to test out the 200 psi head. I'm running 93 octane btw. I woulda like to have made this thing get up and go for this weekend though!

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    some case cleanup and cylinder porting will net you better results than higher compression. or will net you good results with the same 180 psi cranking compression.

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