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    98 1100 stx bogging/fuel supply issue

    It ran great for an hour. Absolutely no issues. Then all of the sudden I was crusing at about 50 mph when I lost power. The RPMs just started to drop. I released the throttle and just let it idle for about 10 seconds. I hit the throttle and it took off, back up into the mid 50's. After 5-10 seconds it did the same thing, this time I held the throttle wide open. RPMs continued to drop to about 2000 when all of the sudden it launched and acclerated up to the mid 50's. After about 5-10 seconds the cycle started again. I did this for about 4 times. I decided to get back to the dock and cruised at about 30 mph with no issues for the about 1 mile.

    I got it back and pulled the plugs. They were a little dark but they are about six years old. I ran a compression check and was about 118 on all three plus/minus 1-2-psi.

    Any ideas???? I ordered a fuel pump kit and filter as it just feels like I'm running out of fuel.

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    Welcome aboard, mlange!

    I'd probably start by looking at the fuel filter. Might be water in the fuel. Kawasakis are really bad about fuel caps cracking when they are tightened, which can let water in. Might also be a split pulse line to the fuel pump, leaky fuel selector valve, kinked or bad fuel line, etc.

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    I agree with the filter. I had the same exact thing happen to me the other day on my tigershark. Rode it to the beach, popped in a new fuel filter ( always have an extra on me all sealed up) and issue was gone.

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    Well I ordered the filter ($33.71....insane) and the diaphram kit for the fuel pump. Unfortunately the dealership tells me it takes 5-7 business days for Kawasaki parts. I'll get the parts probably next Wednesday. I'll change the filter first because it's the easiest and to see what happens. If no change, I'll rebuild the fuel pump. I'll supply updates as I work thtrough the issue in case anyone else has similar concerns.

    Thanks for those that have replied!!!

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    thats crazy for a fuel filter. I just used a generic that was about the same size from Napa and never had an issue. think i paid around $10

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    Yeah, I didn't want to wait for the OEM filter so I stopped by a marine shop and got a factory Mercury outboard filter for $6. I pulled the filter off and it had a lot of crap in the filter bowl and the filter screen itself was collapsing.

    I installed the filter and took it for about a 2 hour ride and had no issues. I was in pretty choppy water and was able to hit 6900 rpm and hold it there for an extended period of time. I'm still going to install the OEM filter cause it's clear so I can visually see if I'm sucking up additional crap and fits in the holder better.

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    glad its working out, keep an eye on it, if there was crap in the tank it might get that one too. but so far it sounds good

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