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    Can you put a polaris 1050 engine into a smaller polaris hull such as an sl750??

    dont know much about polaris and i have a 1050 engine and it runs like a tank and the hull is beat up. i was wondering if its possible if you could put a 1050 engine into a smaller polaris hull? has anyone done that before? if so what do i need to do so it runs and fits good?

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    yes it could be done but the mounting brackets are not the same on the fuji blue motors and the red domestic ones u would prolly have to build a custom motor plate or reglass motor mounts into the hull. anything can be done if u have enough time and enough $$$$$$ to throw at it

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    Easier to find another hull.

    As mentioned above ^^^^^^^ anything CAN be done, but will require more work than just getting another good hull, or fixing your old one.

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