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    GP1200R Idle Screw Wanders

    Hello everyone,

    I have a 2001 GP1200R with a new idle adjustment cable/screw. I can set the idle and it will hold for a while, but after I go riding, the idle drops from about 1100 to about 800.

    This seems to cause it to smoke... I'm guessing because the oil is still being injected at the fixed off-throttle rate. After idling at this low rate for a while, sometimes the ski will cut off. My guess here is that the idle either fell too low or the plugs foul up from too much oil. The ski will always start right back up, but I might have to give it just a little gas in order to crank and then it will repeat the cycle.

    I can re-adjust the idle screw and all is well for a while and then it seems to back out on its own again.

    Has anyone seen this behavior? Do any of you have any ideas on how to keep the idle screw from backing itself out?


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    Quote Originally Posted by msmcknight View Post
    Hello everyone,

    Has anyone seen this behavior? Do any of you have any ideas on how to keep the idle screw from backing itself out?

    First thing, is the cable really backing out, because the spring at the end of the cable should apply enough tension on the cable to keep this very thing from happening. Check that spring to make sure it is doing its job. A good analogy is like having a bolt with a lock washer and you do not tighten the bolt down hard enough that the lock washer does not apply any tension to the bolt. The result is that the bolt vibrates loose.

    Perhaps if you reset your idle to 1500 rpm (for testing purposes) you could see if it holds there. At that point, there should be enough tension to where the cable does not vibrate loose and the rpms hold. My rpms in the water are set for 1400, so I do not see 1500 as anything unusual. .

    One other thing, if it dies at 800 again, you might want to pull your plugs and see if they are dry. Once the idle is set on a warm engine, the idle should return fairly quickly back to the original idle when you rev the engine, and not drift to a significantly lower rpm, and the plugs should not be completely dry. They should have a shiny glaze to them, but not wet either. You may have to open your low speed screws about 1/16th a turn to keep your plugs from drying out and close them a tad if they are a little wet.

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