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    Needs help with kawasaki stx 15f power filter

    Hi everyone.

    I just bought a power filter kit for my kawasaki stx 15f 2009 and am stuck on number six in the manual.
    It looks different on my jetski, in the manual its for 04-07 years modell. I dont have a T-fitting between the valve.
    How do I install the valve breather filter?
    The other breather filter from oil separator tank is installed.

    6. "Install one supplied breather filter onto ‘T’ fitting between valve cover breather hoses"

    Here is the manual:


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    you better get the drill out and drill some holes into the rocker cover then get some tube and glue them in with some wood glue that should do the trick lol, mate mate mate only joking.

    best you put that nice little filter on your shelf above the tv and look at it every day and wonder why you ever brought it in seriousness you wont be needing it on your model kawasaki blocked the said valves off inside the rocker cover stress less and go and ride it

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