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    Great Start To My Day

    This morning while I was reading the paper and getting coffeed up for the day, a juvenile Bald Eagle dove off of my cove and then landed on my dock. There is a big bald eagle nest off of my front yard and this is one of the two chicks. Of course I grabbed my camera and slowly walked to within 20 feet of him. I stood there for a good five minutes taking pictures before an Osprey dive bombed him and they both flew off. This was the closest I have been because they are always up in a tree or flying over head. What a cool way to start the day.

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    NIce Brian!!!

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    That is so awesome! Last fall while riding on the Rock river here in IL I had a bald eagle swoop out of the trees and fly ahead of me along the river for about a half mile. It was a very cool experience and really made my day. Keep up the great pics Brian!

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    That is an amazing photo...

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