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    Block guard foro 4 tec engines

    Block guards help prevent catastrophic engine failure by preventing the cylinder sleeves from moving/walking at high engine RPM's.
    Another benefit is that the block guard can also prevent premature head gasket failure due to cylinder sleeve walking.
    $150 shiped

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    How in depth is the installation? We still need the valve train upgrade kit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TtrahRXPX View Post
    How in depth is the installation? We still need the valve train upgrade kit?
    It is my preference that if i where to get the block guard installed i would take it to a machine shop to make sure your wall clearences stay the same and if not will need to slightly be rehoned for the piston to have some play because once the piston gets hot and expands your cylinder walls will not do the same because of the block guard.

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    I weld my block gaurds in sometimes they drop right in which will offer no support, deck and hone the block after.

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