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    Which GPS is popular for the sport now days?

    Got no replies on the Open Open Discussion, thought I'd try here a little closer to home.
    I need to replace an older eTrex Legend (blue one), that after years of vibration, I guess, has loose connections inside causing the screen to flicker, dim, etc.

    After a couple years of downtime, I'm trying to get back out there, and well, yes, I want to know fast the machines are running now. (GPR feels good, XLT, not so good, simple fix I think)

    Looking for a cost effective jetski rider friendly gps. Open to suggestions.


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    Just relax and enjoy the ride. XLT Chad's Avatar
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    there was a thread done on this not too long ago. It's got some good info.

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    I did a quick search before posting, Wrong wording , I guess.

    Thanks, Chad.

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    If you have an iPhone 4... the MAX SPEED app and this case... are a perfect combo.

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