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    Checking 1200 non PV Motor Allignment.

    This is a Yamaha LS2000 jet boat, but it should be the same as a GP1200 Ski. I was wondering if there is an easy way to check Motor Alignment. I removed both motors and there were 2 shims under all 4 corners on the Left Motor. The Right motor had no shims. I thought that this was strange. I rebuilt the motors and put everything back the way it was. I know that both motors have been removed before. I don't think at the same time. One of them was an SBT and the other was not.

    All of that said, Is there a way to tell if they are correct?


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    I just did this in my GP1200 a few months ago. Even though I put the shims back the same, things didn't seem to line up nicely. Turns out the is some play in the motor mount bolts holes that allow me to move it around and line it up nice.
    You need to have the PTO cover off and use a straight edge to check how straight the 2 couplers line up. I used a small 6"metal ruler as a straight edge. I also used my fingers to kinda feel how straight it was. I ended using the shims in the same locations but I had to loosen up the mounts, lift the engine up with a ratchet strap (tied up to the garage rafters), and then tighten the mounts. Its tough to describe, but lifting the weight off the mounts allow me to wiggle the engine around and into perfect alignment once I lowered the engine back down. there are some good pics and specs in the GP1200 service manual.

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    Both motors were actually too high. I removed 2 shims and that fixed the left motor. The right motor is too high with no shims. For some reason there were 2 spacers under the motor mounts. I removed one on each side and added one thin spacer and all is now fine.

    Whoever worked on this before must not have lined these up at all.

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