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    1989 Yamaha WaveRunner WR500P carb specs

    Fixing up an old waverunner for a friend (getting spark, no fuel good compression), while I have the carb out I'd like to set the H and L jets back to OEM specifications, anyone know how many turns out these should be set to? I also noticed there is no filter on the reserve pickup line in the fuel tank. The main pickup line has a standard filter on the pickup end.

    Should I be using B7HS spark plugs in this engine? What should I set the gap to?
    Any other quick tune up suggestions?

    Many thanks.

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    Not sure about the carb - mines in pieces at moment.
    But i was running B7HS with gap of 1.1

    Pretty sure there is meant to be a filter on the reserve pick up - I know mine has one.

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