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    Oil level on dipstick...No oil ...

    I need help with this one. F-12 non-turbo

    Changed the oil and put in 4.5 quarts. Warmed it up and let it set 10 minutes.checked it and went riding for 4 hrs. Was going to go again and it showed no oil on the dip stick. Yhe book says NOT TO FIRE IT with nothing showing. So i added a quart. It was just barely on the dip stick then. I warmed it up and let it set 10 minutes. Checked it and it was a little higher...Life is good.
    This morning unscrewed the dipstick and NO OIL....There is no leak either....Do i just put 4.5 and ride it anyway or is there a trick to reading this?

    Totally lost....
    Fire it anyway and warm up the engine even though the book says "NO" .? Then check the oil level?

    Thanks in advance....

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    There are two methods to get the oil level right.
    Nitro came up with the method that requires you to wait 24 hours with a level on the valve cover. Unscrew the front dipstick and put it into the rear hole and check the level.
    The second method is to tilt the ski rearward and pump out all the oil that you can get from the front and rear holes and then return back 4 quarts back into the engine.

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    Use the Nitro method posted in the FAQ how-to section


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    Thanks for everything Guys!

    What a Goofy deal....I will check it from the rear with the front dipstick....No rear!

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