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    98 STX 1100 boggs on water

    I have a 98 1100 stx and on the trailer it sounds and revs fine with out a problem. When i put it in the water i go no where. It boggs and then dies out. I changed the plugs thinking that would have something to do with it but nothing? Anyone have any clue what this can be? body { margin: 0pt; padding: 0pt; }

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    Try changing the fuel filter and if you have to clean the carbs. Ive had same issue a few times and usually is a fuel issue.
    good luck

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    The fuel filter is brand new,so is the spark plugs,the carbs was cleaned yesterday and the problem still remain the same

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    is the filter filling up with fuel ? if not it may be the screens on the the gas line inside the tank. Ethanol likes to clog them up if its been sitting.

    When the carb was cleaned were the springs under the diaphram moving the pins easily ?

    Also the fuel line that goes from the pump to the crank sometimes if it gets cracks or tears can lead to this issue.

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