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    XLT 1200 cylinder honing

    I purchased a 2002 XLT1200 with bad #1 cylinder. I am rebuilding the engine and plan to exchange the #1 cylinder. My question is can I hone out the other 2 cylinders? This is a power valve engine and I have heard they are coated and cannot be honed? Can anyone help? Also, it there any difference in the cylinder? If I buy a used cylinder does it have to be a #1?

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    The cylinders are nikasil plated. If they are in good shape, you can rough them up with a scotch brite pad. The cylinders are interchangeable, #2 has the studs for the exhaust manifold

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    so are you saying they should not be honed?

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    What do your cylinders look like?

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    It can be lightly honed only with a diamond hone depending on how it look, but if you put in new piston and ring you need to lightly hone it so it can seat the ring properly. I use a 3 1/4 diameter flex hone 320 grit. Spary some lubricant or wd40 on the hone and cylinder wall and with a drill go full speed and rapidly move up and down the cylinder fast, for no more then 10 second. Be very careful not to over hone the cylinder the diamond hone does remove material, you just want to hone it enough to deglaze it and create a cross hatch... How about some picture of the inside of the cylinder...

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