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    Bogging and cant figure it out Gone Through All threads need help!

    I have a 1996 seadoo gtx with 195 hours. It started bogging on me the other day at WOT and I cant firgure out why. Whenever I go over 6000 rpm/ past 90% throttle it starts bogging and breaking up. Now I went through all the post I could find through google including the ones on here and no dice. I changed the fuel lines, cleaned all the filters, cleaned the carbs and filters, cleaned the fuel switch, cleaned the RAVE valves, and I also put a new rectifier in it. I am so out of ideas now can neone help? When I had the carbs apart everything looked to be in excellent shape.

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    change the spark plugs and trim the plug wires back. if its still doing it you may need to change out the main ground. let us know how that goes and if its still doing it we can move on.

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    check your tank vents, may be clogged and tank vacuuming down. can check the vents and or open the gas cap when it bogs down and see if it sucks in air or if it clears up when the cap is released.

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    I have learned the hard way to start with the simple probable causes before moving to the more expensive and time consuming causes.

    As was mentioned check/replace your spark plugs, I have had it happen where the plug sparks fine when I test it at idle but it cant hold a spark at high RPMS's.

    It may not be the issue in your case but I would most likely start at the plugs then work from there.

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    Ai just did the smart thing, sold the old one and bought brand new lol

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    Has anyone else had this problem and what did you find? Thanks

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    +1 what airborn said!!!!

    me thinks this will sort your problem

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    Long past all that stuff, carbs perfect, wiring perfect, plugs,wires, perfect, swaped complete electric with perfect running ski, same thing, added grounds, cked water box, no leaks, changed coil, now pulling motor change stator. What else? stator changed no change vent test done no change. any more ideas? Thanks
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    Vent vent vent vent ... Dissconnect the tank vent line from the y pipe.. Had same problem on my xp.. I have 2 check valves on 2 different vent lines that come off the lil black plastic y pipe.. I dissconnected the tank vent from the y and it fixed he problem .. I mean now j know whats wrong problem is narrowing it down to wich vent line/ check valve went bad ...

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    not the vent tried it still have problem. Going to look into grounding short in starter have had funny problems before with starters. grabbing straws now.
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