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    virage 800 di broken rear cylinder

    Ok now this is 2nd polaris in 2 yrs that has come in with rear cylinder water jacket broken off around cylinder The piston is not seized or crank is not broken,the exhaust manifold and water return line held it in place.Rebuilding engine is not a problem finding out why this happened is,one thing I noticed is the gauges are still powered up even with key off and bilge does not work,do these Ficht pwc have the LR-505 modules or is everything controlled by emm,thanks in advance >Marvin ps I would like to hear from others that have had rear pto cylinders broken off Thanks

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    not properly winterized... then the water in the jug froze, and cracked it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Honda View Post
    not properly winterized... then the water in the jug froze, and cracked it.
    Please I appreciate the info but it doesnt and hasnt frozen where I live in a long time (south east texas,)the cylinder was fine ,supposedly according to customer until he was running it across lake,this is second polaris with rear ears broken off ,of cylinder in 2 yrs.I only get in maybe 10 polaris a year,so There must be a weakness or something else.I will say since I have looked this over the panel stays powered up and bilge doesnt run, however engine starts and stops,with button however power to gauge nacelle stays on and engine will crank over without lanyard in it,These DI skis dont have a LR-505 or anything like carbed models do they ,it appears all electrical goes into emm .Thanks in advance>Marvin

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    Hydrauliced the motor. Flooded the motor with water and tried to start it. Heres one that it happened to.
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    Looks like that will about close the case.

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    Yes that does it I'm used to a rod breaking or a piston cracking but with these polaris cylinders with individual cylinders and no thru cylinder struds as in 951 seadoo the weakest point is going to give,i would have thought the crank or rod but i'd much rather replace a cylinder,however crank is most probably out of index also ,thanks much guys>Marvin

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