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    GP1200R carb linkage sticking

    I have a 2000 1200 GPR thats has rebuilt carbs,d plate,and premix. After riding for a while and taking a break the linkage on the carbs will stick open. The cable is not the problem it works fine and has a lot of slack in it when it sticks. When I go to start the boat it will hit WOT for a short time then the linkage will start to work normally. It makes for an interesting restart. At times when it's hot it is hard to start and the WOT makes very hard to start. After riding and the linkage sticks I can let the boat sit overnight and it works fine. It's got to be a heat problem. Any idea's?

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    Here is a thread similar to what you are experiencing...

    PM Osidebill, he has a post somewhere showing a breakdown of what wears out and what needs to be replaced with pics.

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    just repaired my throttle plates.. sticking... you need to pull those carbs out then check which carb throttle is sticking... after you identify which carb, you need to disassemble the throttle linkage, in my case the rubber seals are the one sticking, you need to apply grease on the seals to be soften it, and also watch out of the plates screws, prone to breaking

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