So, I'm napping last friday and the phone rings. It's prime telemarketer time and I was waken up, so I'm grumpy. It took that 2 seconds for someone to respond on the other end of the phone, so when she finally spoke I said I wasn't interested and hung up. 5 seconds later it rings again. Still grumpy, I answer angrily. She says, "this isn't a sales call, i'm from" Then, goes on to ask if I ordered merchandise from their website. Turns out, some german scum had ordered $700 worth of mac stuff(i'm assuming) and used my checkcard to do so. Needless to say, I think that's totally AWESOME they caught the fraud in time. The germany shipping address and the florida billing address tipped them off. Obvious? Yes...but I'm just glad they have people reviewing these orders. I'm also glad the scum hackers are too stupid to change the home phone number(only way the company would have gotten my number I assume). Even bank of america was amazed the company called me first. Needless to say if I ever buy Mac stuff I'm going there, as a big "thank you". Anyhow, keep an eye on the card accounts you use online and check them regularly for fraudulant charges. It could ruin your Christmas to be missing large amounts of money when you go to shop!