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Thread: 750 SL Question

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    750 SL Question

    Hey everyone,

    Usually I'm the one who posts that my 750 is running smoothly, which it is...but yesterday something funky happened and I'm wondering if it's just random or a symptom of something more serious.

    I was at the Flint River in Bainbridge, which is beautiful, and was flying around the river and came to a stop (engine still running) to slow for a no-wake zone. After I coasted by the buoy, I gave it some gas and the engine revved up--but no forward motion.

    I immediately cut the engine and jumped off to check the intake grate--nothing in there. Cranked it up again, hit the gas, and off to the races. Happened one other time on the way back to the docks, so I packed it in for the day and called my mechanic here in town.

    Any ideas before I go talk to him? Engine "sounds" and feels fine, as I'm pretty much in tune with how it runs all the time. Checked for overheating or water in the engine compartment--both negative. As always, my thanks! JP

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    Seems like it would have to be somewhere from the PTO to the impellor, if the engine revs up but the ski doesn’t move then the impellor is with not spinning or not biting. I would check all the splines and ensure that the PTO coupler isn’t stripped. It’s a direct drive from the engine to the impellor so there should be no slipping. Only time thats ever hapened to me was when I ran through some hydrilla.

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    I hear that--almost drowned in hydrilla last summer (seriously)--that stuff is a nightmare. Mechanic checked everything and we decided that I must have sucked up a plastic bag or something against the intake grate. When I shut off the engine it must have fallen away, hence my ability to make it back in one piece with the engine running normally. Thanks for your help! JP

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