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Thread: 95 750 ST Bogs

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    95 750 ST Bogs

    Ok I want to give some background on the ski first. I purchased it from the 2nd owner who owned it for about a month. Sounds bad already....This individual though is a local kid going to college to be a minister. He bought the ski from the original owner for hardly anything as it would not run and he is a pretty bright mechanically inclinded kid.

    Well he found the fuel cap cracked in half so he thought it would be an easy fix. The tank was pulled and flushed, fuel lines replaced, new cap and carb rebuilt. When that was completed, the jet ski fired right up and put it up for sale to pay for some college bills.

    Well here comes my issue. It bogs after about 30 minutes of operation. Runs great up to then. Crack the throttle and basically nothing, spits and sputters. Idles great but nothing when you crack the throttle. Here's what's weird, if I shut if off and immediately restart it, it runs great for about 5 seconds and then bogs. I can do this over and over and over. When I switched to reserve there was no change.

    I took the ski off the lake and immediately pulled the plugs which looked great. I ran a compression check and had 150psi on both cylinders. I pulled the fuel tank relief valve and couldn't blow through it in either direction. At least I couldn't with moderate force. If I blow with all my might, I can get some air to pass. I think water or fuel was inside the valve. As it has sat for the past few days, it seems easier to blow through. Still takes moderate to hard force, but more air seems to pass. I don't know if the valve should be fairly easy to blow through, but it's not.

    I ordered a new valve, but do you think I'm on the right path?

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    Pulled the valve out completely. No change in performance. I think the carb settings are way off and I mean way off. I noticed today that the the ski must move about 5-10 mph at idle and it's running rich as there is a lot of smoke from the exhaust.

    Anyone got the tuning specs for this carb set-up??

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    Ok, don't trust someone going to college to be a minister....well not for the most part. He replaced the diaphram but didn't go further. I tore the carb down pulled out the fuel strainer and it was plugged with what looked like cotton along with the needle seat. The area in the seat was full of debris. The seat was in really rough shape for some reason. I'll be looking for a used carb for spare parts.

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    Sounds like he may have stuck a rag into the tank to clean out any water and bits of fabric were left behind.

    You can buy carb kits on Ebay for $30. They're not Keihin, but they'll work.

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