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    WTB.. 2003 - 2004 XP DI .. MPEM ECU Computer

    I have just been informed by my locale shop that my MPEM is no good due to my battery getting an internal short..reversing polairity thus frying my brain so to speak....HELP!!!!!

    If anyone has a MPEM with parts # 278001895 for a fair price... I'll buy it... Seadoo thinks mine is worth its weight (NEW) in gold... WTF aren't these sopposed to go down in price over the years...?????


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    try brandon at havasu cycle and ski, thats where we get most our parts from. not technically located in havasu. also john at jet ski haven. know that the actual engine ecu is located inside the mpem, in a sealed box that is part of the mpem. so might not need both. just the mpem and not the ecu. might save you some cost.

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