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    Have I overlooked anything?

    1. A little background, I have a 2005 F12X that has run flawlessly for the past 5yrs. I have always done my own maintenance outside of the 200Hrs valve check that was done at the dealer. Current hrs 315, I do my own winterization, draining the fuel and putting fresh fuel in each spring, coating entire engine, turbo and waste gate linkage as part of the winterization as well as lubricating throttle body, and waste gate linkage after each ride, fresh water use only. This year started out the same, launched, ran the ski about 20 minutes one evening reached speeds up to 61MPH periodically with no problems, I was happy as another season started with no problems. Second day, started using the ski, noticed that I could not get it up on plane. It was hesitating and what appears to be misfiring around 4000 rpms. At first I thought that I had ingested something so I took it home pulled the jet drive and did not find anything that could have been causing a problem. Started it on the trailer and I could not get it to go past 4000 rpms . Performed the Nitro check on the waste gate solenoid and was not able to blow air through it while it was off but also was not able to blow through the hoses while running. I have a solenoid on order. I have also replaced the spark plugs as this was a suggestion by other members with similar problems with limited rpms. Same problem. My question is, what are some symptoms of bad gas or gas with low octane as I remember Nitro working with Shawn Alladio’s group K38 years ago when they were having problems with their turbo units and it turned out to be bad gas that they were getting from the City Public works department? The ski starts perfectly, I would think that bad gas I would have problems starting and running at any rpms. Could the ski be in limit mode somehow and what are the symptoms of limit mode and how do I check for that?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Just an update as I did not mention this, I've always used 93 Octane gas, I have never once received any F1 codes to point to a specific problem.

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    It is pretty easy to pull the pump out of the tank and check the fuel screen for contamination.

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    Thanks JR, I was hoping that you might have any other suggestions that I might have overlooked as to why I'm not able to get past 4K rpms. I did test and was able to move the waste gate push rod with a pliers so it does not appear to be seized as well as taking the hose off of the turbine and spinning the shaft with no problems so I'm hoping that the waste gate solenoid is going to take care of why I can't rev past 4K rpms. The part is coming in Tuesday.

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    Gentlemen, I wanted to follow up as this was one of those problems where you can't see the forest because of the trees. The Mrs. told me where to look when she said it's probably something stupid. Now mind you she is not technical at all but it did make me start thinking that I should not look at this problem at as deep a level as we all did.

    "Limit Mode" - "restricts the speed of your PWC (approx.35 mph) to allow new riders to become accustomed to its operation." Now mind you, I never thought to look for the indication on the display screen, as when I took it out the early evening before I had it operating flawlessly at 61 mph!

    I wanted to thank JR in Jax as he and another member thought that the Limit mode could be the problem. How it decides to go into limit mode the next day is another question that I do not have the answer for I'm just happy it did not cost me any additional time and or money. I disabled "Limit mode and I am able to rev beyond 5K on the trailer and at least now this will be something I look for as I never did in the past.

    Thanks again for all your assistance and suggestions.

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