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    Anybody here from houston texas and own a Polaris MSX150?

    is anyone from houston..

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    Orange, Texas
    Cant think of any from houston area, but there are some on this site, if you have any questions about yours.

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    Temple, TX
    theres a couple of guys around down south

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    why what up?/ there are a couple in

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    skigolfnut well, i bought a polaris msx150 and it had oil in tank, i was able to get a new oil tank and get it swapped out.. tested the ski today and the check light came on after i gunned it,.. and i was only able to get up to a certain speed.. the light did not come back after i turned it off and it rode ok after but the user did not ride it past 25 mph... either way i sold the ski after hearing so much story's about it i got scared..

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