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    VXR Can Rack, oh and a big Hello!

    Hello there. I have been lurking around the forums for a while now, reading up on all that's available for info on the VXR. I bought one a couple weeks ago, been here and there with it and absolutely love it! It is exactly what I have been looking for since I got my 2007 VX110 Deluxe. A VX110 Deluxe with a little power! I haul the boys and my girlfriend around on lakes and stuff, but I mostly do some rather aggresive riding on our ever changing Alaskan rivers and I needed to keep the weight and size of the boat down so's I can roll it by myself if I accidentally suck a river rock and jam the pump 40 miles downstream. So the VXR was the answer to my prayers, yay. Anyhoo, the main motivation for me starting this thread was to see if anyone has constructed one of those ABS can racks for a VX or a VXR yet. I searched and found some that have been built for the Sea-Doo's but say nothing for the yamahas. I could figure it out, figured I'd ask around for any helpful hints in the design before I struck out on the mission.


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    Welcome to the Forum Andy.....

    Im guessing you are referring to Gator83 and Lasportsman's racks, i think they are kind of one of them or post on their build thread.....

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