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    Having throttle problems with my fx ho.

    Hi guys, was looking for a bit of help. Took my ski out today for the second time this season. The first time I went out on it I had an overheat warning alarm come u up once I got up to 6000 rpm. Took it into the local yamaha dealer who took the engine out, checked everything and found it to be a faulty catalytic converter, stopping the exhaust gasses and triggering the exhaust overheat sensor etc. As a result they've now taken the Cat out which has fixed the overheat problem, however, the jetski will now only get to 5000rpm. It occasionally jumps to 6/7000rpm if u hit a wave or on initial acceleration but it wont sustain its rpm, it always drops back down to exactly 5000. I was wondering if it was a case of a simple adjustment or (worse case scenario because I fear I wont see it until christmas) do I have to take it back to the dealer for them to have another look at it.
    Thanks alot

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    Does it have an L-mode? If so, make sure it's not on. Another possibility is that when the sensor sensed the hot EGT, it caused it to go into limp mode, but if that were the case, I think the RPM's would be more like 2500. And last in my limited book of knowledge is that maybe they left a tube loose on the exhaust or somewhere else. Run it on a hose with the seats off and see if you can see, feel, or hear any exhaust leaks.

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