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    99 ultra 150 running max 4.2k, then takes off full throttle?

    this is a new one for me.... after ridding ski hard and it running pretty good-although a maxrpm of only 6,200, i idle through a no wake zone (5mph) for 10 minutes. the ski sits unused for 2 hours, starts right up and i idle back through the 10 minut no wake zone. when i exit the no wake zone, and hit the throttle, the ski is super sluggish, and i get a max of 4,200 rpm for about 2 minutes and then all of a sudden it takes off...right up to 6,200 rpm and runs pretty good again, although still a max of 6200 rpm at wot.

    is this a ethanol carb situation, that is not enough fuel reaching the cyl and too much oil, foiling the plug? it seems to run on 2 cylinders and out of nowhere the third comes alive and it runs strong from that point on... i have brand new plugs in the ski, have 150 hours on it and compression of 125 115, 125 across all 3....

    everything is completely stock except for a solas dynafly impeller.

    any suggestions where to start looking for problems?

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    i would start by checking pump and impeller to make sure nothing is binding around it.

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    are all carb slides working properly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokechop2006 View Post
    are all carb slides working properly?
    That's a good question, pokechop2006...I'm a bit of a newbie, so can u give me some guidance??? Once I remove the flame arrestor, how do I check if the slides are freely moving? Is it just a matter of opening and closing the throttle and making sure all three carbs movable points are able to move freely?

    Great color scheme on your ultra!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boostjunkee View Post
    i would start by checking pump and impeller to make sure nothing is binding around it.
    Thanks boost junkie, will do...pump was rebuilt about 20 running hours ago, so hopefully that's not the case! Thanks!!!!!

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    thanks on the color,remove the fa an run the ski on the waterhose,then take a lil inspection mirror an blip the throttle to the wot position you should see all the cylinder- carb slides move to the top of the carbs. if all are not moving at the same time then it could be your problem. let us know what you see.

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    You're fouling a plug with all that idling through the no wake zone.

    Make sure you blip the throttle occasionally, and you might need to lean the idle mixtures a little bit.

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    steve45 thanks.... i do blip it occaisionally, perhaps i need to more, but i dont think thats why its loading up because last year cruising in the same no wake area it was absolutely fine, so something has definitely changed, just not sure what yet! thats why i thought ethanol build up????

    planning to tear down the carbs and see if that changes anything!

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