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    Unhappy Polaris MSX150

    Hello, I am new to 4 stroke watercrafts but I purchased a 2004 Polaris MSX150. When I took it out for the first time it ran great or so I thought. When I went to check the oil the next day I noticed a creamy light brown/beige substance in the top where the oil dipstick enters the engine. In my past experience with two stokes this usually means water and oil mixing. The engine light was never on while riding and I don't know if it should have been. Can anyone help me and let me know if this is as bad of news as I think it is.


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    Jeff Welcome to the Hulk..

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    Thanks for the Welcome

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    is the oil itself milky? Could just be condensation at the top and oil that are making it milky there. If you look under a oil cap on a car this same thing can happen. If you run it for a long time and get the oil temperature up there it will usually go away.

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    Thanks for the reply popoman....just wondering if there was something seriously wrong internally would the engine light come on with a code?

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    doubtful a code would come on for a failed gasket or something. computer can only report on electrical problems or something a sensor detects is wrong. is the actual oil itself milky? thats whats important. Probably should change it to be safe and know whats going on.

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    Please make sure you never start it out of the water in forward it will rev to the moon. You have to start it up in reverse.

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    The oil it's self is not milky. If this is the case is there anything to be worried about if the oil itself is not milky? As I said the machine runs fine.

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