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    Cool New member here.. First post... My RXP fishing rig...

    Hello everyone...I go by Slug-O on a number of forms and I am a hardcore ski fisherman...I fish both inshore and out as far as 20 miles on a good day. Look forward to being on this form..


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    Nice rig and fish

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    Sweet setup...

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    Nice set up, Sluggy. You still need to join up at the other board.

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    My name is Ed and go by Big Game, I'm new to this site and to the Jetski community. Jus got my 2008 Yamaha FX HO with 3 hours on it.
    I'm looking for a good and yet sturdy/rigged rod and cooler rig for my ski. Any suggestions where I can purchase one? Must be strong enough to troll for tuna and Yahoo, and Mahi.

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    You need to go to a custom fab shop and tell them what you want and bring your ski and cooler along. A good shop will make it happen for you at a fair price..

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    Holy smokes you've got it all on that rig...pretty slick.

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    Hey i think i saw you in St. Augustine today, we ate lunch at the king fish grill. If you ever need a fishing buddy let me know, i would love to go i just don't like going by myself.

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    Yeah my wife and I like to eat there most Sunday's... Is your ski rigged up for fishing??

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