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    ZXI 1100 not running past 35/40mph

    I fixed all my electrical bugs and got my ski on the water today. The first lap around the lake was fine, no problems. However, it all the sudden wouldn't go past 35 or 40mph. It sounded fine and was running smoothly, but 35 or 40 was all it would do. Plenty of water was coming out of the squirter.

    I pulled back up to the dock and checked my intake grate. There was sea weed on it, but not enough to cause a significant problem. I removed it and went back out on the lake, still wouldn't go past 35mph. Crap.

    I pulled the seat and noticed my cooling fitting cap was missing. Crap, crap, crap!!!

    The engine didn't feel hot and my temperature light never came on. The ski still starts right up and runs fine at low speeds, it just doesn't accelerate well past 20mph and tops out at 35.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Also, this was my first time on the lake this winter. I did spray fogging oil through it before storing it last fall. There is stabilizer in the gas.

    I planned on doing a top end this winter, please don't tell me that I'll need to do one today!! I better get the compression tester out there tomorrow

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    Whats your Compression, sounds to me like you are only running on two cylinders...

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    The very first thing to do when a 2-stroke doesn't run right is pull the plugs and see what they are telling you.

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    And that's what I did. All three plugs were coated in the fogging oil I ran through it last winter, #3 especially so. I replaced them all and the cap that came off. It started right up and ran with no issues.

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