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    Polaris virage tx wired wrong or bad part, kill switch does not work, random bilge

    My first post and I have to say that this is a awesome site. I am a self tought jet ski mechanic at the marina that I own. This site has helped me fix dozens of ski's just by reading the questions and excellent responses.

    I have a ski that has me stumped and I hope that it is not a duplicate question. Came in late last year, polaris virage tx no spark. I walked my way through the testing process outlined for polaris electrical and ended up replacing the stator. I still did not have spark, everything checked good as I remember it. Something led me to believe it was the voltage regulator--LR Module? I replaced with a used "good one" from ebay. Ski fired up instantly. Took it for a ride, seemed perfect, gave it to the customer. This spring when he got it out, it fired right up. He pulled the safety lanyard and it kept on running. The customer also commented that if the motor was running, so was the bilge.

    I got another hardknock lesson, test the safety lanyard after every repair. I ohm tested the lanyard and it functions properly. I opened up the box and looked at the wiring job that I had taken apart and put together several times. While I checked some connections I disconnected and reconnected the LR module and I noticed the bilge started running. I unplugged it down by the bilge, reconnected and it stayed off and worked properly from the button.

    I think I have a small clue of what is going on but not sure. See if I am close. The bilge is getting power and this is feeding back and supplying power to the CDI module and overiding the kill switch shutoff. Did I plug a wire in the wrong spot? The start stop button works properly as well. Just not the lanyard.
    Thanks again for all the great help in the past.

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    I think the "hardknock lesson" is buying parts on E-bay, especially a part that commonly fails exactly as you desribed.

    The bilge is supposed to run when ever the engine runs, it is powered/controlled by the LR.
    The LR will power up the ignition at the correct time and also shut it off at the correct time. Sometimes the LR litterally gets confused.

    Any post by K447 has a link at the bottom, you could find the tests for the LR's and how to bypass them for testing.

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    Thank you for the reply Casey. I will look up the link and test the LR. What had me confused was the bilge was running with the ski off. I guess it would make sense if it was supposed to run with the ski on and the LR was saying the ski was on. I never realized that the bilge should always be on when the ski is running.

    It sounds like you are saying a bad LR can basically bypass the function of the safety lanyard?

    As far as Ebay, I have seen good and bad. I sell on ebay and stand behind what I sell. I used to really believe in the system there. Today is a different story. Ebay had a system that worked and kept bad sellers and bad buyers in check. They threw that out to get more profits. I always offer my customers new and used options. Sometimes ebay is the only source I find for a used part. Time is usually more important than cost to many of my customers. Short boating season in Michigan. Unfortuantely new parts usually take 1-2 weeks, used 2-3 days. Wish I had a faster source! Thanks for the help.

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    Have you dealt with either of these 2 dealers ? Both are located in Michigan.

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