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    Oil Change on '09 VX Cruiser

    Anyone done this? I think this one is a dry sump.
    It has the separate tank on the rear of the engine.
    Is it like my FZS where I just put the pump tube down into the oil fill hole and replace what I took out ?
    Wife always wanted dealer doing her ski till warranty was up (and she paid for it ) and this is the first time I am starting to tear into hers.


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    Yep, dry sump. Warm motor, remove as much as you can through oil fill hole, replace with what you took long as level was correct in the first place.
    Always check level when oil is hot & ski is level......midway between marks is good.......I would suggest no higher. If changing oil filter, I like to torque the new one up.......this will ensure it comes off easy next change.

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    Thanks !

    I figured it was similar but just wanted to make sure. I never know when they decide to do something wierd..

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