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    Kawasaki 1100 stx smokes like cracy

    when the boat is running with no gas it smokes ok but when i give gas its smokes like cracy its a heavy white smoke ??

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    If it was winterized and its first time out I would say just burning off fogging oil. They smoke really bad untill they clear up. If it is from winterizing A few minutes on the water will clear it up.

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    chk plugs are not being washed by water, chk head temp for overheating.

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    Depending on the model year, you might have a variable ratio oil pump. If so, the cable can break or come off and the pump will go to full flow all the time. It would smoke like crazy, but would be a bluish color.

    You might have a leaking head gasket.

    I'm with stubburnjdh, though. Run it on the water a few minutes and check it. It may clear up.

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    sell me the boat reel cheap , go by a new one lol

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