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    where to post thread for answers,

    Hey guys,
    Need to know where to post thread to get some answers about no spark in a 04 700 virage. been and posted on and they said the polaris boys moved to here, posted on here in 'open discussion' and cannot get a reply from anyone. seadoo section i get replies within 12hrs. has everyone given up on polaris??
    please advise where i can get help.

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    Hey doc77. I would be willing to bet a lot fo the guys are out on the water this weekend. Look up K447 and read through his signature links for some good information. Could be a number of issues. I assume your ski if fuel injected since its an 04 correct. Never worked on a Virage but let us know and we will help all we can.

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    it a single carby 700 engine. im thinkin cdi or LR module. only 3.5v to brown wire for hall effect sensor, moved orange cdi power wire to red/purple pin on terminal block it went up to 7.5v but multimeter was going flat so reading my have been faulty.

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    yep help will come. I dont know much about the virages either.

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    You need a good meter to test with.
    How many volts on the Red/pur wire going into the CDI ? While cranking ?

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