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    Where can I buy a good service manual? 1998 XL 1200 & GP 1200

    I have rebuilt lots of high performance drag motors for cars. Good with my hands and been doing all the repairs myself on my skis. I want to rebuild the xl1200 motor and freshen it up. Where can I get a good manual to follow along? we have the Chilton manuals for cars and trucks. Not just a service engine rebuild manual. I am told that two strokes are simple compared to four. That's what I am told! we shall see. Thanks in advance.


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    They are posted occasionally on the forums here or over at PWC Today. If you can't find it, hit me up with a PM, and your email address and I can send you a PDF copy for the 98 GP1200.

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    I've got the pdf on my work pc. I can email you one if you like.

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