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    Speedster 150 - single beep while running

    2008 Speedster 150.
    Runs fine, but while running, with no particular warning or interval, I get a single beep. Today, the beep started coming at 1 minute, then quicker intervals. No signs of overheating, no warning messages, just an obnoxious single beep.
    What is it trying to tell me? Fuel level fine.

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    Have your battery load tested...U could have a bad cell in your boats battery...Not enough to throw a check engine light but could trigger the beep.

    Also check your battery connections make sure they are clean and tight

    Could also be a bad key/Lanyard

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    There's no Warning Messages at all? They aren't there Constant, they Cycle with the Direction you are Heading, then it'll Show the Fault Code, IIRC. It's not doing that?

    What is your Fuel Level at when this is Happening? I just did a Quick Search and some People get the Random 1 Beep when they have 1/2 Tank or Less of Fuel and are Riding in some Chop.

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    No warning messages at all - I've watched the display.

    Fuel load - no beeps when it was full. Beep started at about 7/8th full per gauge.
    Seemed to come more often as fuel load approached 1/2.
    No low fuel warning message. I took the boat out of the water, and
    filled the tank, it took only 10 gallons, so fuel load was correct at 1/2.
    Have yet to take it out for another try.

    The boat was purchased new, but from old stock, 14 months ago. I did have a weird fuel level sensor problem last year, as it was cycling between full and empty on the gauge, sitting still in calm water or at idle, and displayed a low fuel warning when I knew it had more than 3/4 tank of fuel, but that seemed to go away by itself. (I brought it into the dealer for end of season winterize and to investigate the fuel sensor, but my dealer had their dealership license pulled shortly after purchase for low volume of sales, and I haven't been inclined drive a bit farther to a new dealership for any warranty repair (it's got the 3 year, $50 deductible coverage (They even took his diagnostic equipment, so they couldn't do anything but winterize it)).

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    It could still be the Fuel Level Sensor giving the Problem.

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