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    Sponsons on XL1200LTD

    Has anyone tried to put Sponsons on a XL1200LTD? Does ity help the zigzaging effect of the ski?

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    I know the sponsons on the XL and the XLT are different. I tried a set of riva sponsons on my ski and IMO they were very loose compared to the stockers and I switched back. 2001 is when they changed the oem sponsons I believe. You should try a set of 01+ xlt sponsons before you spend a ton of cash on aftermarket. I know they mount different from these years, the earlier ones had studs comming from the hull, and the later ones had inserts and bolts so You may need to figure something out with hardware. I actually have a set from an 01 XLT hull I just bought. If you want to give them a try, just pay for shipping and I'll send them out to you.


    01 up

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    Because I really liked the handling response of aftermarket sponsons on my GPRs, as did my brother, it seemed sponsons were a given when he bought a new XLT back in 02. RIVA sponsons (with a few other things) were installed right away. I thought the handling was great, especially on a 3 seater.

    There's a set on ebay right now for the XL model ($67.50 incl SH), but the year was not specified. (If they were for a 01, I'd already had them scooped up.

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    I have to disagree not being a D$%K here. I have two XLT's with aftermarket sponsons and the handling difference was amazing. What was your setup that you felt yours were so loose? Also what felt "loose to you"
    I have a set of Beach hose on one ski and Rivas on the other both identical sponsons actually with night and day results!!

    FYI one of the skies does 74 on the GPS and is SOLID!

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