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    My 2001 Polaris virage

    Hi guys! I need a couple questions answered, I have a 2001 polarus virage, and the first day we had it ran great, ( we got from freinds they are like brand new) but it tipped over and there was a black lid off of a filter and and it fires up and won't let us rev up we have to travel at idle speed in water, but on the trailer with our hose it runs like it should be on the water! Any idea what it could be!? Please help, if we rev to much it shuts off, and I've put new blots on the filter cover, it has new gas, new oil, new battery. Need help!

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    You need to post a picture of what cover / filter you are talking about

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    i found out it was our air filter, and our gas filter is fine... i dont know what else could be wrong i did new sprak plugs today, and we have fresh gas and oil

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