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    Crazy day on the lake

    I had my Yahama XL1200 Ltd. out on the lake today for the 2nd time since I have owned it. Spent the Spring completely rebuilding it after a rough life from a previous owner. Pulled the kids around on tubes most of the day. Toward the end I decided to run some without pulling tubes and to have some fun. Ski was running great when it lost power and quit. Tried to start it but would not run. So after a min or two wondering what was wrong the ski started to roll, dumping my 2 sons and I off. Now the ski is sinking so we start swimming for shore pulling the ski behind us hoping we could beach it before it went under. Well we made it, got a tow back to our dock and got it up on our ski lift. I pulled the drain plugs and wondered how all the water got inside the ski, both compartments were flooded. First thing I noticed was the exhaust water tank was melted and had a large hole in it. Next I found one of the water lines that connects to the top of the engine had come loose.

    So here is part of my theory. I believe the hole in the water tank caused the exhaust fumes to build up and after all the O2 was gone the engine stalled out. Once the ski quit moving water rushed in thru the large hole in the water tank but had help because the loose water line pumped water into the engine compartment.

    Sorry about the long story but here is my question. Would the loose water line have caused the exhaust water tank to melt because of the lack of water?

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    Of course It happens quite frequently with any ski that is deprived of water.. they get hot and explode. most have sensors in the waterbox that help that problem.

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    Lack of water will cause the exhuast to overheat.

    Did you get it restarted right away (pull the plugs, eliminate water, then fire it up) ? If not you have a real mess on your hands if any water was ingested.

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    You need to get it running ASAP & take it for a good ride to bake the water out of the engine,otherwise it will rust the crank bearings & the motor will be junk, if you can't take it out,fill the cylinders with mystery oil& hope for the best

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    I did pull the plugs, crank the engine over until the water was gone and sprayed WD-40 into each plug hole. I then put in the plugs, got the engine running and rode it some. Could not do to much because of the hole in the water tank. I am going back out today to run the engine some more. I ran it enough yesterday that the outside of the engine was dry. Any suggestion on replacing the water tank, original or aftermarket?

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