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    Please if you know anyting about a js440/550 please read.

    I bought my son a js440 today I think. What makes me say this is the it has 440 in the serial number.

    1. How do you tell if it is a 440 or 550?
    2. Is there a drain plug on these skis?
    3. From what I gather there is a suction style bilge pump am I correct?
    4. It has a rattle from the jet but works perfectly. What would be first thing to check or is this normal?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know these are always a working project.

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    You can't tell by the HIN # on the back of the ski.
    Might be on the front of the flywheel cover.
    No drain plug.
    Normally has a rattle when started out of the water. Look inside of the to see if there is rub marks in the wear ring.

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    i would have just saved your money and bought a 650 sx alot more dependable

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    i just bought a 91 440 today...any clue where the service manual is at online....hate to pay $40 when its online somewhere free...

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    Hey guys I also am in the same delema! i have aquired a js. It has been painted so its too thick to determine yr and cc size. Is there any tatle tail signs?? Thanks

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