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    What instant gasket sealent for crankcase reassembley?


    What type on instant gasket are people using to join the crankcase back together? I was going to use Permatex blue silicone but just noticed it says not for use on parts that come in contact with fuel, and obviously fuel goes inside the crankcase.

    I am in rural Wester Australia so choice is a bit limited, but any experience appreciated.



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    SEALER useage is mostly what you like..Most here would recomend the same basic types..yamaha makes sealers for their skis that are their recomended useages...YAMABOND..

    because of your limited supply ... any sealer thats used in mechanical repairs (engines) that are non acid based would work fine .. they are typicaly used on aluminum repairs ..Diesel truck engines recommend its use . acid base'd sealers are not good for aluminum surfaces (corrodes them while curing)...see a dealership

    What I use..
    THREEBOND 1211 in that area ,particularly good condition machined surfaces..
    HYLOMAR on gaskets that I may wish to remove and reuse..
    PERMATEX ULTRA GRAY on surfaces that are not in the best condition..
    PERMATEX RED on high heat applications ..

    PERMATEX BLUE is a lower grade sealer as compaired to the other's in the permatex line,as such, I would not use that on my ski..

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    Thanks, will try to get hold of some yamabond or Threebond.

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    GM makes a product like Yamabond that works great.
    I would describe it as a gel thats like red loctite.

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    I use 1211 also ....very good stuff for sealing the cases. For the paper gaskets...I use Marine grease .


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